Homepage creation to improve the effect of SEO attracting custom

What is homepage creation to improve the effect of attracting customers?

A homepage that has the effect of attracting customers, as considered by Neoindex, is a website that can provide the results desired by the company requested to produce it. We have realized a wide variety of requests such as “I want to increase the number of visitors to the store”, “I want to increase the sales of mail order sites”, “I want to connect to recruitment activities”, “I want to increase the number of members”, etc. I did.

Consider, for example, the website of a bakery that makes cream buns that are particular about the best ingredients in Japan. The owner of the bakery wants to get to know the cream buns he is particular about and sell them. Which do you think would you like to see this website, “people who are looking for a lot of cheap cream buns” or “people who are looking for delicious cream buns using carefully selected ingredients”? ??

The latter is clear. The moment you find the website, you will be delighted that you have finally found the cream bun you were looking for! This is exactly the role of the home page. We not only show one-way streets, but also properly convey information to those who are looking for information, and we create a homepage that is fully custom-made so that visitors can understand, convince, and move their orders. ..

In pursuit of SEO, even if the homepage has a large number of visitors, if it does not lead to a contract, we have to say that it is a homepage that does not have the effect of attracting customers. No matter how cool your website is, if it doesn’t make a deal just by looking at it, it’s not a professional job.

Just as marriage advisors firmly convey the goodness of men and women and support marriage, Neoindex also firmly understands the needs of website operators and customers and expresses them in a way that conveys the wishes of both parties. I will pursue it. I believe that the role of a web creator is from meeting to realizing hope.

Design method to improve the effect of attracting customers

The average page view of a typical home page (the number of pages a visitor views in a single visit) is said to be around 3.5. This tendency is the same whether it is a small homepage with about 10 pages or a large homepage with 200 pages or more. Therefore , Neoindex is designed to generate conversions that can predict the browsing behavior of visitors in advance, understand the intentions of website visitors, and realize their wishes.

Specifically, the basic concept of homepage design that has the effect of attracting customers is to design with the conductors that move from the page that became the entrance to the final action. “Action” refers to an inquiry, an order, a membership registration, or a reaction desired by a homepage operator.

We will clarify the following contents and make a basic design.

1 Target and persona settings (age, gender, occupation, etc.)
2 What to appeal to the main
3 What is the priority of appealing?
4 How to convey policies and philosophies
5 Direction of design that connects website operators and visitors with sympathy
6 Correspondence to visitors browsing from smartphones
7 Setting to improve the effect of attracting customers (to convert)

Creating a homepage that enhances the effect of attracting customers cannot be achieved unless all the people involved in the production are facing the same direction. Take a shop as an example. Designers think about how to decorate the store to match the product and display the product in an easy-to-understand manner. Then, as a salesperson, the writer conveys the attractiveness of the product in writing, and the cameraman visually conveys the product using photographs. The system engineer is responsible for realizing the design that the designer has in mind, such as building a store or making shelves. And think of the director as the store manager who oversees the whole thing.

One of the strengths of Neoindex is that everyone can hone their specialized skills and design them so that they can be 3 or 4 instead of 1 + 1 = 2. Instead of one conversion for 10 visitors, we aim for 5 out of 10 and 10 out of 10 conversions. As a result, we believe that the website will be effective in attracting customers, which will resonate with visitors.

WEB design to improve the effect of attracting customers

When setting up a store, design the store with the image of the product and the customer base in mind. Just as it is difficult for a man to enter a store with an atmosphere that women like, it will be uncomfortable if the website design is not tailored to the customer base.

The WEB design that Neoindex thinks about increasing the effect of attracting customers is the position of the fashion show model. The protagonist is clothes, not a model. When thinking about homepage design, it is important to make the product look better.

For example, if you want your photos to stand out, you can reduce the color and decoration of the entire site. Our role is to maximize the appeal of photography and design it to appeal to our customers.

The button that connects to the application is carefully designed. The maximum effect of attracting customers is achieved by using the opposite color of the base color of the website, using complementary colors, using eye-catching colors that have never been seen before, and adjusting the size in 1-pixel units. We will carefully consider and create it so that it will come out.

Benefits of increasing the effect of attracting customers

Vegetables sold in stores that are not clean, vegetables that are sold in stores that give a clean impression, and products that make you want to buy products that give a clean impression. You can devise sales such as distributing leaflets and selling at a bargain, but unfortunately the starting point is different.

In addition, some supermarkets make it easy to find products, while others make it difficult to find. Naturally, supermarkets that are easy to find products are preferred.

The same applies to the home page. No matter how great a product is, there are problems with its design and design, and if it is a low-quality website, not only will the appeal of the product not be conveyed, but it will be passed through. Even if you do SEO or increase the content, it will be different from the start, so even if you spend money, it will not be effective and it will be difficult to develop it afterwards.

The homepage is the basis for determining the impression of a product, service, company, etc. and converting it. Website design and design will not work if either is missing. A synergistic effect can be expected only when the two are combined, and a high-quality homepage is completed.

We believe that it is important to establish an advantageous position at the start by creating a homepage that enhances the effect of attracting customers.

Creating a website that is strong against SEO measures to improve the effect of attracting customers

SEO measures at the time of homepage renewal are very important work from the viewpoint of maintaining access to the current website. Even if you look at the homepage production industry over a wide range of check items, it can be said that it is extremely rare for a company to provide “a wide range of detailed SEO countermeasure services”.
Based on the experience that Neoindex has always proposed SEO measures to customers that are conscious of the latest Google algorithms for a long time, we will explain the points that distinguish the light and dark of SEO measures when renewing the homepage.

Before and after to improve the effect of attracting customers

Neoindex publishes the results of homepage production to improve the effect of attracting customers. The before and after pages show the website renewal projects requested by us to improve the effect of attracting customers so that customers can actually see and make decisions. Please take a look.

Homepage production results to improve the effect of attracting customers

For customers who have created a homepage but are worried that the effect of attracting customers will not be as expected, please take a look at the production results of Neoindex. Since it is updated every month, you will find a homepage that you can imagine.


The purpose is not to create a homepage, but to realize the customer’s wishes with a “website that improves the effect of attracting customers”. Our “Cospa Flat Rate 30PLAN” can support a wide range of customer requests, such as renewal requests to improve the effect of attracting customers, regular maintenance, and implementation of new measures, even after the website is created. Since it is a flat-rate plan, it has been well received that it is possible to manage the homepage smoothly without going through a new approval within the company. Please consider it together.
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